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Summer Salon at Yumart

This exhibition weaves together multiple streams of conversation between a range of aesthetic concerns. Featuring the work of 12 artists, this visual narrative explores, the possibilities of colour and the complexities of form, a fascination with the body, stark minimalism counterpointed by the opulent and how two dimensional practices can speak to the sculptural world. Largely a celebration of gallery artists Claude Breeze, Robert Chandler, Tim Deverell, Christopher Kier, Eugene Knapik, Lee Lamothe, Erin MacKeen, Tim Noonan, Joe Rosenblatt, Peter Templeman, Deirdre Tara Whelan and Y.M. Whelan, the presentation also features the work of late Inuit artist Jutai Toonoo. Represented by four stone carvings, Toonoo's truly unique brand of Cape Dorset expression infuses the show with a dynamic north/south dialogue. Sometimes introspective, other times bold, punctuated by moments of levity and containing ample contradictions, Summer Salon creates the space for a lively visual exchange.