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“Aqjangajuk, who began carving in the lae 1950’s, does not do a great deal of detailing; instead he works for a total effect, concentrating on special interaction, expressive qualities and overall from.  While some of his carvings of human and animal subjects are compact, robust, solid and static, others are more open, outwardly thrusting, dynamic forms.  His only print, “Wounded Caribou” (1961) is a very effective portrayal of an animal stricken by a hunter’s arrow.”*

Aqjangajuk Shaa is the grandson of Kiakshuk, and the only child of Munamee Shaa, who was a carver and Paunichea, who was a well-known graphic artists.  His wife, Kilabuk Shaa, is also a carver. Three of their sons, Pudalik, Qiatsuq and Qavavau Shaa are also carvers in Cape Dorset.

*Jean Blodgett, “The Canadian Encyclopedia” (Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers, 1985), Page 68.


6656L Bear, 2017 Serpentinite H9.5” x W2.5” x D 9”

6711I Transformation, 2014 Serpentinite H10.5” x  W9.5” x D 6.5”

6734I Bird with Fish, 2014 Serpentinite H18” x W11.5” x D7.5”

6898L Bear, 2017 Serpentinite H16.5” x  W14” x D8”

6901K Transformation, 2016 Serpentinite H 10” x W14.5” x  D 4”

6923L Dancing Bear, 2017 Serpentinite H17.5” x W8” x D8”

6944L  Walrus, 2017 Serpentinite, antler H8.5” x W15” x  D11”

6985L Dancing Walrus,  2017 Serpentinite, antler H16” x W17” x  D7”


7045L Dancing Walrus, 2017 Serpentinite, ivory H12” x W11.5” x  D8”

7319H Dancing Walrus, 2013 Serpentinite, antler H 9” x  W 10.5” x  D 6”


7116L Dancing Walrus, 2017 Serpentinite,ivory H14.5” x  W 12.5” x D 8”