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The yearly round-up of news from Kinngait Studios tends to focus on our artists. There’s rarely much mention of our technical and support staff - a talented group of hard-working professionals who play a pivotal role in the creation of our Annual Collection. So this year, I’d like to break with tradition and shine a spotlight behind the scenes.The retirement of Pitseollak Niviaqsi - Kinngait’s long-time Senior Printer in Lithography - prompted some well-deserved promotions. Niviaqsie Quvianaqtuliaq is now Senior Printer in Lithography, while his brother, Nujaliak Quvianaqtuliaq, made the big move from Press Assistant to Printer on his own press. Added to the ranks are two new Press Assistants: Paulie Sagiak and Niviaqsi Niviaqsi, Pitseollak’s son.
Over in stone cut, our indomitable Senior Printer, Qiatsuq Niviaqsie, continues to work in his corner of the workshop. He is joined by four full-time stone cut printers and new trainee Tapungai Niviaqsi. The crew continues to innovate and incorporate new skills. For example, registered, multi-colour reduction printing (a technique traditionally used in wood block printing) is now an established practice in our stone cut studio. This year, Qavavuau Manumee used this technique to print two large images by artist Saimayu Akesuk. Quvavuau’s attention to the subtle nuances of colour on top of colour really makes these images stand out. Paul Machnik’s Studio PM out of Montreal continues to contribute to the annual collection. Their intaglio
printing brings a different approach to interpreting our artist’s drawings. I’d like to thank them for their many years of fine work. Meanwhile, Dorset Fine Arts moved to its new home this spring. If you’ve visited the old showroom, you’ll have some understanding of just how enormous a task this was. Many thanks to John, Kate, David, Donna and Richard for getting this collection out amidst the moving chaos. On a somber note, the drawing studios are feeling lonely without our friend Itee Pootoogook sitting there at his window seat. His battle with cancer ended in early spring. Wil Hudson, who ran the typography program in Cape Dorset in the early mid 70’s, also passed away this year, as did Wallie Brennan, who ran the lithography program for 10 years in the 70’s. Farewell friends. Keep a place by the kudlik for me.
- William Ritchie

Our database contains a complete listing of prints available through Dorset Fine Arts. The database is updated regularly, but it is possible that images listed here may no longer be available. Galleries should confirm availability with Dorset Fine Arts before committing to a sale.